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I like to share my work, experience and Pilates discoveries in word, pictures and videos. There are so many Pilates instructors out there sharing their work that I appreciate your checking in for updates on my various channels!

“All Things Pilates” Podcast

Now in it's 6th Season (2024) – More than a total of 75,000 downloads (November 2023)

Darien Gold, producer, writer, editor and host of ALL THINGS PILATES, brings her style and interviewing skills she developed in 2017 as a radio show host.
Since then, Darien’s intention continues to light the way and bring greater exposure of the Contrology System, and listeners rely on her and her guests for additional insights into the Pilates community.
The Pilates Method is considered a global phenomenon and it has profoundly changed both the wellness and fitness conversations.
Though we can’t know exactly what Joseph Pilates was thinking or feeling towards the end of his life, we do know he wanted the entire world to practice Contrology and so, as we discuss the man and the method, we learn more about how his genius continues to influence and inspire. Darien’s Podcast is a library filled with episodes that are helping to preserve valuable and historical information.
ALL THINGS PILATES can be found on most Podcast directories including → Apple, → Spotify, → iHeartRadio, → Tuneln, Pandora, → Buzzsprout

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On my instagram feed each month, I post several photos and short videos of myself or one of my clients doing traditional Contrology and contemporary Pilates. I also like to share my own “Gold Variations & Specials,” as well as celebrating my students’ victories. I also announce my podcast guests, upcoming workshops and special events. Thank you for taking the time to follow me and may we enjoy our journey together!

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Apps / DVDs / Audio

Pilates DVDs Cover Collage Pilates Advanced Mat Pilates Intermediate Mat The First Seven Traditional Repertoires – DARIEN GOLD œ PILATES EXPERT

Studio Darien Pilates apps had a very long run on the Apple App Store beginning in 2010 and was the first classical Pilates app ever produced. In 2017, both apps were resigned and were also added to the Google Play store. In 2022, both stores once again asked developers to update their apps and this where the road ended for mine.


However, DVD’s are still available as Collector's editions:

  • “The Original Pilates Advanced Mat Repertoire“ DVD, 100 USD
  • “The Original Pilates Intermediate Mat Repertoire“ DVD, 75 USD - SOLD OUT
  • “The First Seven“ ™ (The Original Basic Mat Repertoire) DVD, 75 USD
  • All including extras such as an interview with Trish Garland, Short Box and Rowing Series on the Mat, Advanced Class Endings on Cadillac and Guillotine
  • With a personal note from Darien
  • Price incl. shipping and postage

Darien encourages all who purchase her DVDs that they sign up for her ongoing mat classes to learn more about the Pilates techniques .

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Audio Instructions / Original Mat Repetoires


Darien’s mat audio enables you to focus solely on yourself. Instructions are clear and concise making this non-stop Intermediate and Advanced mat routine a valuable addition to your other audio workouts.


Listen and get the Original Mat Repertoires at Bandcamp


Original traditional Pilates Repertoires as audiofiles – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT


Currently, my YouTube Channel displays mostly single exercises on the mat and the various apparatus. You’ll see me demonstrating exercises from basic to advanced, even some super advanced exercises. However, with this new website design and the creativity it has inspired in me, I’d like to present a completely different approach. In the coming weeks, I’ll be showing portions of lessons with my students so you the viewer can watch how I work with a “body,” and if you’re a teacher, what cueing skills for example, may be of use for you.

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