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Questions, answers

This is a list of often asked questions with hopefully good answers otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact me, call Darien (310) 701-4653 or email:

On Booking

Q: How do I book your classes?

A: You don't have to register, you don't need a login for my website or booking. I have a simple 'buy classes' buttons on my the various classes webpages and once I’m notified about your payment, you’re added to my class roster. Invites are sent out the day before to the email address I got with your payment. If you want special dates or can't participate on certain dates, I'd be thankful if you can notify me before as I adjust the classes according to the participants.

Please note: Showing up on time with little or no distractions will help you get the most out of each class. Payment is due before class, whether single classes or if your class pack is due.


Q: If I just want to try out one class – is that possible?

A: Yes, of course!


Q: And if I like the class, how do I sign up for more?

A: If you like your first class, you simply use the drop down menu at the PayPal Button Box on “Mat Class Online,” page as you did for your first class. I suggest signing up for a class pack of 4 or 8 classes as it's cheaper and simplier than buying single classes.


Q: Can I contact you before booking?

A: Yes, you can absolutely contact me before, and actually I prefer to have a conversation with you to learn more about what you want to achieve through Pilates. I usually respond within 24 hours.


Q: How much do you classes cost?

A: I offer single classes and class packs. Prices are on each class page.


Q: How long is a pack valid?

A: 10 months for apparatus, 3 months for all other classes.


Q: What payment options are there?

A:There is a payment button on each of the class paes. You click the yellow 'Buy' button to either pay via PayPal account or a credit card. However you may also write a check and mail to Darien Gold, PO Box 2714, Petaluma, CA 94953.


Q: Why do your private lessons cost more online?

A: Sitting at a monitor, requires far more concentration than if I were to a give tactile cues in person. Sometimes my touch is more expedient than having to take time to verbally explain. The other reason is there are online service charges connected to zoom and pay pal which I incur on a daily basis.


Q: I have booked the wrong classes – what shall I do?

A: If you want a refund or need to change to another class that I offer, please reach out and we’ll take care of it.


Q: I cannot participate class. Do I still have to pay for it?

A: I appreciate giving me a days’ notice that you can’t make class. I understand that sometimes it’s not possible but please do your best to remain committed to your classes and to be respectful of my time and efforts.


On Classes

Q: What kind of classes can I take?

A: Classes can be taken online, in my studio or at your home.


Q: How long is a class?

A: All classes are 60 minutes – and begin and end on time. However, depending on my and everyone else’s schedules, the class might run a few minutes over.


Q: Can I take both mat classes, Monday and Thursday?

A: Yes, please note that Monday is basic/intermediate and Thursday is intermediate/advanced.

Q: Do you send invites for both mat classes?

A: Yes. A new weekly invite is sent for each mat class.

Q: How do I sign up for both mat classes?

A: Once a single or class pack is purchased, an invite is sent the day before each mat class. Please contact Darien to let her know if you plan to join both classes. It is appreciated if you are on a class pack that you are consistent in joining each week. However, there is a 3 month time limit on class packs. Please email Darien to let her know your schedule. 

Q: Do I keep record of my class pack?

A: No need, your mat classes are recorded and you’ll be notified a week before a new class pack is due.


Q: What equipment to I need if I am taught at my house?

A: Although having access to equipment is always helpful, I am able to give a great lesson with just a mat and a wall. When I travel locally, I usually bring many props.

Online Classes

Q: How do Online Classes work?

A: I send you a zoom invite the day before, you log in and set your device in front of your mat. The first time is a little experimental, but after that alway set up the same way. I have a large monitor and can see everyone in class.


Q: What computer, tablet, connection or software do I need?

A: You will need to download the Zoom app for your device. You don't need to register with Zoom, though. You can simply click the Meeting ID Link I send out with my invite. A stable internet connection and a fully charged device are important.


Q: Are the classes recorded?

A: Usually classes are not recorded. If I want to record, I get the permission of all students. If a student is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be recorded, the student can turn off his or her camera – but I won’t be able to see!


Q: Can I buy recorded classes or instructions?

A: Usually classes are not recorded. My classes are unique for the specific group and class on that day. I change and adapt the classes on the fly based on what I see. To look up precise single exercises you can check out my Instragram or Youtube.


Q: How can I participate without others seeing me?

A: You simply disable your video camera, but know that I won’t be able to see you or make any corrections for you but you'll still be able to hear my voice.


Q: What equipment is required for Online Mat Classes?

A: The best equipment is your body and at least a 6 foot mat, the more padding the better. However I use many props which will help you get more out of your classes. The common ones are Magic Circle, Yogablock, Theroband, 2-3 lbs./ 1-2 kg handweights and maybe a Foam Roller.


Q: Shall I warm up before class?

A: Part of the Pilates class is a short warm-up, but if your body needs more, please take care of yourself and set aside extra time to prepare.

On Pilates

Q: Pilates seems to be offered by everybody. Even online. And often at no charge. What is so special about your classes?

A: It’s been said that one class with me is like 10 classes with anyone else. I think it’s because I am very particular about technique and students practicing correctly and safely. But at the same time I am both encouraging and tough, and don't give unnessary cues. I want students to be free to concentrate without chatter. I teach the traditional mat work but always add other disciplines when appropriate.


Q: How often must I practice Pilates to achieve a 'body transformation'?

A: Joe Pilates himself said after 10 hours you'll feel the difference, after 20 hours you'll see the difference and after 30 hour you have a complete new body. It's recommended to practice Pilates two or three times a week for 45-60 minutes (depending a bit on level, knowledge and speed.)

What to Wear

Here are some tips to help you dress for Pilates success:

  • Avoid tie-backs and belts. Tie-back tops can be uncomfortable when you're lying on your back. Ties, belts, drawstrings, and tassels can get caught in the springs of Pilates equipment.
  • Eschew embellishments. Choose workout wear that's free of metal or plastic adornments. Zippers, buckles, clasps, buttons, or trimmings can severely damage the upholstered Pilates equipment. Repairs are costly and can cause downtime for the studio.
  • Remove accessories or jewelry. Long necklaces, belts, and dangling bracelets can be distracting as well as dangerous if they get caught up in the equipment.
  • Skip shoes. Pilates is usually done barefoot—no fancy footwear is necessary. If you prefer to wear socks, buy a pair with grippy bottoms to ensure your feet don't slip.
  • Tame your mane. If your hair is long, ensure it's tied back out of your face.
  • Think form-fitting, not baggy. Choose workout clothing that's stretchy but not baggy. Your instructor needs to see the alignment of your bones and how your muscles are engaging. 


Q: Shall I ask my doctor before I participate?

A: It’s always a great idea to have your doctor sign off on any type of exercise program.


Q I have several health issues – can I still take classes?

A: Depending on the health issues, Pilates might assist you in your healing. Please phone me so we can discuss your health issues.


Q: Does Darien offer certificates to clients who are interested in becoming teachers?

A: Currently, I do not have any type of certification program, but please check back regularly.


Q: Do you offer Pilates for Long Covid?

A: Yes, I – who had suffered from Long Covid 2 1/2 years – developed a 6-week program which I can offer live online and / or as recorded video for three months. Please contact me for details.