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Pilates Workshop for Coastal Guards, Horse Riders – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT


My day clinics are approximately 3-4 hours in length and offer employees a chance to remove themselves from the everyday grind of work and be able to focus on themselves. When I teach at a company’s facility, depending on the number of participants, I mainly focus on flexibility and core training. However, breathing techniques are always included so employees learn how breathing intentionally can help to reduce work stresses.

Pilates Workshop Dressage Horse Riders – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Dressage riders working on going into the deep sitting sidebend ”Seated Mermaid"

Example 1

Dressage horse riding


The International Dressage Federation defines dressage riding as "the highest expression of horse training where "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. And so, the Dressage trainer works to create a horse with a strong core, powerful back and elasticity and ease in all required movements. However, as the horse’s partner, the rider is required and expected to refine specific skills.

This workshop focuses on softening the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening inner thighs and low abs and elongating the front and back of legs. My approach begins with teaching the Basic or Intermediate Pilates mat as the warm up, yoga postures and it concludes with standing and balancing exercises. The goal of this workshop is to reinforce the effectiveness of the mat exercises and the standing work for postural and core development.


“As a professional rider and trainer in the art of Classical Dressage I was astounded and excited to find Darien Gold and benefit from her excellent teaching and body insight. My riding greatly improved with the increased spine flexibility and core strength I achieved under her correct and compassionate tutelage. What we dressage riders are looking to achieve with our horses, Darien achieves with her students. My horses, students and I say, Thank You Darien!”
Classical Dressage United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist (USDF) Allison Mathy

Pilates Workshop for Coastal Guards  – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Coastal Guards Training – Utilizing the straw to bring attention to breathing patterns while combining the coordination of squeezing the Magic Circle.

Example 2

The Coast Guard Training Center (TRACEN)


The Coast Guard Training Center located just west of Petaluma, CA, was originally built for the US Army as a top-secret communications station during World War Two. The training center took possession of the property on July 1, 1971 and converted it into a training facility.

Recruits earning a degree to serve in the military are expected to stay in shape and I had the privilege of being part of a training day extravaganza where I introduced the Pilates method to many of the recruits throughout the daylong event.

Pilates Workshop for Firemen Police Department – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT

Example 3

Pilates course for police and firefighters of the Santa Rosa Fire Department


Though Police and Fire Fighters are well trained and strong, they often suffer from back, knee and other pain due to the challenging working conditions. In 2019, I trained 10 police employees and firefighters for six weeks with the intention of helping them learn how to use their physical power more effectively. I taught them how to “find” their underlying neglected muscles to help support their larger overused muscles groups. Another concern was flexibility and mobility and so I developed a stretch routine the firemen practiced at work and at home. I donated my Intermediate Mat DVD to assist them in learning the Intermediate mat routine as well. The feedback about my classes were immediate. Everyone felt so much better and continued to practice my routines.

Pilates 100 Breathing  Workshop ”Pilates Fundamentals” – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT

Example 4

Pilates course for employees


Mat Workshop ”Pilates Fundamentals“ – Proper technique is essential as students progress with the mat work. For example, shown here, the entire torso must be engaged to hold the legs in a 45 degree angle, ”Teaser,“ so as to not recruit solely the top of the thighs. Shown on the right is a breathing exercise, a vital element in the method. It can be achieved with the help of a straw drawing attention to where the inhale and exhale originate.