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Pilates Apparatus Cadillac, Emily at the Push Thru Bar, lengthening back and spine, deepening rotation, anchoring legs and feet, rooting the pelvis – there are so many details you can learn and refine in private lessons with me at my peaceful studio or live online.

Private / Duet /Trio

  • Fully equipped Studio – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Online
  • At your home



Private or Duet lessons cater to those who are specifically looking for specialized attention and are interested in digging in to the method without undo distractions. Classes can focus on learning the “order” of the basic, intermediate and advanced repertoires or building core awareness and strength or simply gaining a deeper connection of the body and mind. My studio offers various training techniques whether on the mat or apparatus. If the private or duet is an in-home lesson, the same techniques are applied no matter what type of equipment is available. 


Everyday except Saturdays


Please call Darien (310) 701-4653 or email: and/or buy directly below.

After purchase, you are added to the invitation list which is sent the day before each class. Please see FAQ or contact her if you have further questions.

Private – 1 Person
Online or In-Person


Duet – 2 People


Trio – 3 People Online (each of the 3 buys own package)

Teacher's training – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Teacher training: Caroline Holden in her studio, Purple Door Pilates Madison, practicing T-Pull and Teaser on the Reformer.
Private lesson on the Cadillac, Caroline practicing portions of the Push Thru Series. (95 sec.)
Pilates Reformer Private Class Zoom Leather Barrel – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Duet – Short Spine in Sonoma County and Private Online – The Hundred in South Korea
Pilates Reformer Private Teaser Rowing – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Private lessons on the Reformer, Paige – Teaser on the Longbox, Kate – Shaving / Rowing No. 5.
 Private Classes Zoom Cadillac High Chair, Rocking – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Private lessons, KyungHye – Push Ups in back extension on the High Chair, Beatrice – Rocking on a wobbly device (I can find exercises for whatever equipment the clients provide)
Pilates Reformer Private Class Leather Barrel Swan – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Duet lesson on the Pilates Reformer, Private lesson / Ladder Barrel.
Pilates Online Private Client Cadillac Advanced – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Online private lesson, Joan – Swan Dive prep on the Pilates Cadillac. Whether live or online –  I can see every detail.
Pilates Reformer Online Trio Advanced – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
South Korean teacher's trio – Side Splits on Reformer
Pilates Online Private Client Cadillac Men – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Men do Pilates, too! At every age and health condition.
Even – or especially – after a spine surgery – carefully instructed Pilates exercises can help to gain back strength and stay without pain.
Pilates Online Private Client Reformer Man – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
Even yoga instructors can find new connections!
Pilates Online Private Client Cadillac Men – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
During your private lesson, you and I together will design your class. We’ll find where your strengths and weaknesses lie and find balance between the two.