Darien _664cropped copyTechnology has opened up a new Pilates school of continuing education, and it doesn’t matter where you live.

For many of you, having the opportunity to learn from Darien has been solely with her digital products, but now, thanks to Internet streaming, you can have an interactive lesson.

Based on your skill level, a lesson plan will be created and delivered by email, along with an agreed-upon date and time. Make sure to have enough floor space around your mat/apparatus so Darien can view you from different angles. During the hour lesson you can ask questions and get answers. Because this lesson is designed just for you, it could be your best Pilates experience.

Darien’s apps and DVDs remain an educational tool for students no matter where they are to practice and review the Pilates repertoire.

First time Skype lesson – 90 minutes/$165
The first lesson comprises of a thirty-minute body assessment, what your specific needs are and the type of equipment you practice on. The following sixty minutes is focused on the classical Pilates repertoire appropriate by your skill level. The mobile devices apps -Studio Darien Pilates or Studio Darien Advanced is included in the cost of the first lesson.

1 Skype lesson 60 minutes/$110
Lesson plan provided

5 Skype lessons: 60 minutes/$525
Lesson plan provided

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As a Pilates teacher and practitioner, I have taken many ‘online’ Pilates courses. They are convenient and have value to my practice. However, what I experienced when I booked my online lesson with Darien was so much more than just an online class. This was a very generous hour with Darien, who carries the thread of pure Pilates that connects back to its origin. If you want to experience Pilates as it was meant to be experienced, to understand the depth that can be plumbed in a single exercise, and to feel the precision of movement in your own body, then a lesson with Darien is worth its weight in Gold.

Thank you, Darien for offering this brilliant service!

Paige Dent

I discovered Darien Gold on line about 4 years ago while searching for “Pilates”.  I happened on a youtube video of her going through basic Pilates sequences.  The first thing that struck me is she has the body of a Greek athlete – sleek, lean cut and well defined.  And her movements were precise, controlled and consciously directed.   I could tell right away that I had found “my teacher” as well as a true disciple in Pilates itself. I knew that she was the embodiment of Joseph Pilates technique with ZERO alterations.

From the training and personal attention I have received from both watching and working out with her through her videos to privates, I was able to have her hone in on my body and gain an understanding of the deep nature of Pilates and a true appreciation for its unique and exacting movements. It made me know myself and my body on a deeper level. 

Thank you Darien, so glad I found you.
Annie Brown

I’m teaching pilates in Korea for 10 years. I watched Darien’s exercising on Youtube 5 years ago. I thought “It’s cool and that’s what I should do” and admired her for constantly hard workouts and teaching.  After about a year of contact with Darien, I started on online training. It’s attractive to be able to exercise beyond the limits of the time and the distance. I’ve had a lot of personal trainings and workshops so I can find how wonderful her lesson is. Her class was concise, precise, and focused on me rather than any other class enough not to think it is the online class. She led me to feel what I haven’t had before to a maximum.

I’ve come to strengthen the weakest parts and relax the tensed parts, which is the standard pilates. Through this online class, I was able to think more broadly and have come to know my infinite potential power. I’m grateful to have Darien’s online program for constant exercising and soon I’m going to visit her in person and get personal training. I highly recommend Darien’s wonderful online program. 

Thank you again for the great lessons, Darien.

Haesun Ma
South Korea