When Darien Gold was introduced to Pilates in 1992, she felt an immediate connection to the work, perhaps because her extensive background in high level gymnastics and professional dance suffused her with a deep understanding of the method. Setting aside her dance career, she began studying with Romana Kryzanowska and was certified by her in 1997. Initially, Darien started by teaching in her Hollywood, CA apartment with a used reformer bought from a student. As her practice grew, she moved into a larger space and invested in the Cadillac, additional reformers, chairs and barrels. Three years later, another move — this time into a commercial space in West Hollywood above the famous TOI Thai restaurant on Sunset Blvd., and named it Studio Darien. After fourteen years she moved again — this time to a more tranquil environment — and teaches in her home studio in Sonoma County. The peaceful countryside insures not only a great workout for the body, but elevates the mind and spirit as well.

Moving from hectic Los Angeles to her new forever home, Sonoma County, proved to be a very positive decision for Darien and she shared her talents with a variety of facilities such as,  POST Wellness by Design, a full facility wellness center that rests beautifully next to the Petaluma River. The oldest ballet studio in Petaluma, Contessi School of Ballet, also experienced Darien’s teaching knowledge as the ballet dancers experienced how integral the Pilates method is to developing strength, control and balance. She taught Mat and Apparatus classes at Body Kinetics Marin Health Club where she was one of the health club’s Continuing Education Pilates instructors. Currently, the employees at LGC BioSearch Technologies, a gene-based applications company have a become true Pilates converts and Darien hopes to expand her Pilates presence in the corporate world, helping to lower the workplace stress level one “Teaser,” at a time. In addition she continues to focus on her challenging and ever-evolving mat classes in various locations around the Petaluma area.

Darien has received many accolades in her twenty-four years of Pilates dedication which includes Pilates Style Magazine’s naming her Intermediate Mat DVD in 2010 and the Advanced Mat DVD in 2012, in their category “Top 10 Best DVDs.” In addition, Darien produced and starred in Studio Darien Pilates, the very first classical mat Pilates app ever made. Two years later, she produced her second app, Studio Darien Advanced Pilates. Now redesigned, those apps are available for current Apple devices in the App store and also at Google Play for Android users. It is Darien’s hope that these apps will assist the novice as well as the experienced Pilates practitioner and help keep them on the classical Pilates path.