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Pilates for Long Covid - Flyer – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT
”Above all, learn how to breathe properly,” Joseph Pilates said. He invented the Breath-A-Cizer to do just that, but for our class, we’ll use a standard paper or plastic straw.

Pilates for Long Covid

Online / Zoom, Wednesdays, 1:00pm PST /  4:00pm EST



This 6-week program is designed for those suffering from Long Covid and is based on my own experience in recovering from this debilitating disease. You may be very surprised at how much lighter you’ll feel and also, how this healing movement can assist you in full recovery. The program will be recorded and for a nominal extra fee, available for self practice.


Throughout my 40+ years of teaching body conditioning, the safety and wellness of my students has always been foremost. My goal is to teach a logical progression beginning with the breath, moving through flexibility, core development, balance, proper posture and culminating in a Pilates routine specifically designed for the group.



I suffered from Long Covid for over two years and know well the doubts, frustration, anger, impatience and anxiety shared by other long haulers. I used my knowledge and experience of the Pilates Method to regain my strength, and you will learn these techniques I used to return to health.



  • This class is for people suffering from Long Covid, with a maximum of twelve participants
    (no teachers, no doctors (if not suffering from LC)
  • No knowledge of Pilates is required
  • Whether some are well and alert enough to participate or can only observe from bed, it’s still possible to gain knowledge and awareness.
  • If there is time after class, we can check back in to share any comments, revelations, progress or answer questions.



  • First class: January 18th, 2023
  • Wednesdays: 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST
    (Each class is approximately one hour)
  • January 18th, 25th, 2023
  • February 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 2023


Please join the class on time. Even if you don't feel well enough, you can still learn by just watching the others. The recording will be of myself only, so no worries about having to be ready for your “close-up.”:)


  • Each class will be recorded and the entire program is available for an extra fee.
  • The 6-week online program will begin again in April 2023.



6-week program – $120
6-week program plus recorded session – $180



Please call Darien (310) 701-4653 or email and/or buy directly below.

After purchase, you are added to the invitation list which is sent the day before each class. Please see FAQ or contact her if you have further questions.

After booking the program ”Pilates for Long Covid”, Darien will contact to you beforehand to learn more about your long covid experience.

Pilates Long-Covid


Pilates Long-Covid
6-week-program with recording


These props below will assist you in your recovery though not mandatory:

  • Straw
  • Hand towel
  • Small and large pillow
  • Long strap or belt (6 ft or more)
  • A wall free of pictures or furniture
  • Theroband (light and/or medium resistance)
  • Marbles (one small, one large)
  • Yoga block or thick book
  • Tennis ball / Pinkie ball


Darien is my saving grace in many ways. We were both part of a Long Covid support group and I reached out to her with questions. Her caring spirit became evident with the information she provided and the additional connections she made available to me. I found out she was teaching a Long Covid Pilates class to the group we were in and I couldn’t wait to join. The first class she explained breathing in a way that I could actually feel it and became one with it. I was a competitive figure skater and I have taken multiple ballet, yoga, pilates and QiChong classes and this was the first time it made sense. She is a life saver in breath and body self care, especially related to Long Covid. Thank you Darien! Renee Chiuchiarelli – Thousand Oaks, California

While trying to gain strength and health back with Long Covid, I found my normal path to healing after a sickness or injury simply would not work. I was used to pushing my body physically and mentally more every day. In Long Covid recovery, this can set you back tremendously. Darien helped me slow down, work on breath work, relax my back and neck muscles to ease my headaches, and calm my mind. A true positive life changer in the recovery from Long Covid! Tina Aldrich – Wisconsin

Darien's Long Covid story

In November 2020 a client came in for a lesson and infected me with Covid-19. This virus derailed my life’s trajectory and forced me to take a deep look into what really mattered. I had to learn not to look back and wonder, “what if?” For over forty years, my calling card was my physical strength, so who was I if I couldn’t express my god-given talents?


Early in the Pandemic, there wasn’t much information and I was told to stay home and get well on my own. In fact, one doctor said, “you just have to ride it out.” Well, that advice didn’t work, and I ended up with what’s known as Long Covid because none of my doctors knew how to help me. Then, when the following November arrived, I still hadn't recovered and couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I still was experiencing so many covid-related symptoms. As part of my desperate need to recover, I found an online support group of others recovering from Long Covid and immediately joined the weekly meetings.


I was learning there were tools and strategies I could use to heal and finally, my resilient nature re-emerged. My health began to improve because I stayed the course – rest, healthy diet, daily vitamin regimen and intentional movement – Pilates and yoga. I had to reacquaint myself with these two life-long disciplines. It was like starting all over – I was weak, shaky and pissed.


After that first year, I did feel certain shifts inside and was able to share tiny successes with my support group. For example, the day I actually smelled garlic, I received an encouraging applause. When I spoke about all those months of intense labored breathing and the claustrophobic feeling in small spaces and how I braved my car for one errand, but ending up doing doing three. My Pilates practice got a bit better as well and I thought some in my group could benefit from what I was doing.


As a result, I hosted my own separate meetings and after each class, we would stay on the call and share how the exercises felt. The comments were so positive: feeling lighter, breathing easier and overall better body awareness that they helped me shape the class I’m now offering. Even if you decide not to join my class, I still wish you a full recovery.