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Pilates Class Pilates Reformer – DARIEN GOLD – PILATES EXPERT

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There are tons of online videos that spotlight fancy acrobatic and super advanced pilates moves, but nothing replaces the hands-on or in-the-moment instructions and corrections of an experienced teacher (read some feedback here.)



I teach beginner individuals, groups of advanced teachers, any ages, size and gender. Even if you aren’t able for any reason to participate in weekly classes, committing to a regular private lesson with me will enhance your body, confidence and overall fitness level. To be clear: I believe in quality over quantity and you always have me as your exclusive teacher.



You can expect a thorough and methodical approach to your classes. They are challenging but fun. Props are encouraged for the added challenge of your balance and control. I have expertise in the complete classical repertoire on the mat and all apparatus, at all levels. Also, because I participate in the class with you, there is always an organic flow as we explore the exercises that I know by heart. To be part of a student’s progress is extremely rewarding for me and simply knowing I’m helping to foster any type of healing is also humbling.



I offer live online classes for individuals and groups, which means astonishingly, you can participate from anywhere in the world. Those individuals who want an in-person lesson are welcome to visit me at my peaceful outdoor studio in a serene area of Sonoma County California.



For online groups or workshops, if the times I offer do not fit into your schedule, I try to put together other classes for those with similar abilities and similar equipment. Please contact me with date preferences and I try my best to accommodate your schedule.


Booking / Costs

Please call Darien (310) 701-4653 or email:

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Mat Classes

Private / Duet Lessons

Wunda Chair Classes

Apparatus classes


A 2- minute peek into a mat class with Darien – ”One more workout closer to excellence“