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The value of tradition

Joseph Pilates was quoted as saying he was fifty years ahead of his time. I can only imagine what he might have thought knowing that even as he was developing his system of mind/body fitness, the American public wouldn’t truly appreciate his contribution to wellness, until decades later. Over eighty years have gone by and […]

My new friend, Helen

I’ve always said that the Pilates method is simple but not easy. It’s the same with achieving breath control and quieting a busy mind – easy to understand but difficult to execute. When I moved up north to be closer to nature, I intuitively knew I’d find the peace I’d been asking for as my […]

Los Angeles Life Lessons

A big city can swallow you up if you aren’t careful and it’s understandable for your tender side to stay hidden. But if you decide to leave for a smaller town, make sure to unearth your soul and take it with you. As I move closer to leaving Los Angeles, a place I’ve called home […]

Begin again, with Trust

When a door closes and another one opens, it may be that this door has been there right along; it’s just up to us to be open and available to it. I learned this life lesson when I closed my studio, and put all of my equipment in storage. I had no plans to teach […]


When I was hired as a choreographer for a TV show in Los Angeles, I wanted to continue to refine my style and skills, so I chose a local fitness club with a large workout room. If the room was empty, I’d use the entire space or if classes were in session, I’d be off […]

Message in a hamstring

My high school years began with an invitation by two coaches to join their sports teams, as I was known to run fast and hit hard. As a freshman to be asked by track and field as well as the varsity softball teams, was flattering, I declined, because I was competing in gymnastics and my […]


While two thousand and thirteen is still taking its initial steps, my feet have become unglued. And it takes a level of intelligence to recognize when it’s time to move on and a whole lot of faith to make a change. My change occurred when it became clear that I had outgrown my studio and […]

Your Unseen Frame

Working within the frame of your body when practicing Pilates and its focus on staying in the “box,” is a great metaphor for your life. When you create boundaries for yourself, you’ve created an unseen frame and also an awareness that’s constantly being tested as both supportive and unsupportive people walk with you on your […]

Pilates As A Balm

I bet if Mr. Pilates knew that his method was affecting lives in ways other than body stretching, strengthening and correcting, he’d be thrilled. A personal experience once again showed me how the other two aspects of his work, the mental and spiritual, could be just as effective in one’s pursuit of total health. Time […]

Your Inner Sparkle

Here in Hollywood, where fake boobs, nails and personalities reign, the importance of one’s inner beauty and possession of qualities that go with being “real” seem to be unrecognized and unappreciated. But many people that I know, including myself, willingly work on our selves to develop qualities that help the amalgamation of body, mind and spirit […]